When it comes to dessert, there’s no competition; ice cream has ‘em licked every time.

In fact, the overall amount of ice cream sold in the UK each year exceeds 147m kilogrammes, a number that’s set to increase.

So, if you’re interested in starting an ice cream business there really is no time like the present.

It’s a thriving industry, and one in which you can let your imagination run riot – whether it’s dreaming up flavour combinations or ways of making your business stand out from the crowd.

But while you’ll get the chance to flex your flair for creative taste combinations and cool design, you’ll need to switch on your business brain too, so here are a few tips to get you started on your new adventure.

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Brits are bonkers about having food delivered to their door.

At the most recent count, it was revealed that an estimated 39 million people used food delivery services and that number is set to increase.

With that in mind, setting up a business in the sector looks like an excellent idea.

The beauty of starting a food delivery service from home is that you won’t have the kinds of overheads involved in opening a restaurant or café, yet you can indulge your passion for creating delicious food for others.

However, while you won’t have to hire premises, you still need a checklist of essentials before you get started, from the necessary paperwork to food containers that ensures customers receive their goodies in their optimum condition.

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You love ice cream, but do you love it enough to sell it?

Opening an ice cream shop seems like a no-brainer, considering that 147 million kilograms of ice cream were consumed in the UK at the last count.

And who wouldn’t want the pleasure of serving up this hugely popular confection to customers?

If you’ve made your decision, then all you need to learn now is how to start an ice cream shop business.

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You may have heard the term freezer burn in relation to ice cream, but perhaps you’re unsure exactly what it is and how it can affect your product.

One of the main questions that you might have is; can I eat freezer burned ice cream or will it make me ill?

Here, we give you the lowdown on the freezer burn phenomenon and how you can prevent it from happening.

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Opening an ice cream shop is something many of us dream of doing, but how do you make it a reality?

Do you have the drive and ambition to steer you on the path to success? And just as importantly, can you afford the ice cream shop supplies UK which you need for your business?

While ice cream selling is a pretty competitive arena, there is always room for another player, especially if you want to go down the artisanal, home-made route with great flavours and interesting combinations, or ones that cater for specific dietary needs such as vegan and dairy free.

After you have decided upon the product you will sell, and who your ideal customer will be, you then need to sort out all your paperwork and permits.

You’ll need to understand UK health and safety laws, get a business bank account, and register for tax.

You will of course have to acquire premises in the kind of location where there is plenty of footfall, such as a busy town or beach resort. Once all that is done it’s time to order in your ice cream shop supplies.

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If you are running a catering business, then you are probably going to include ice cream in your repertoire of delights.

And whether you make it in-house, or its produced elsewhere, it’s essential that you understand how long it can be kept.

After all, you want to serve it at its best and ensure it isn’t going to turn into a reputation-damaging health hazard.

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It’s the freezing part of ice cream which makes it so exceptionally desirable.

But all that lovely cold sensation which sends your tastebuds wild isn’t easy.

There’s a delicate balance here between the ratio of ingredients and the way in which ice cream is created.

If done well, it will result in a rich, creamy mixture but done badly, it will be grainy and unpleasant.

The method of freezing will determine whether you can create batch after batch to the same flavour and consistency too.

That is why freezing is the most important element of ice cream making.

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If you’re asking the question ‘how long will ice cream last in a freezer without power?’, the chances are the worst has happened and your freezer is no longer working.

Maybe it has broken down, or perhaps there has been a power cut; whatever the circumstances, you just know the one thing that may not survive is your ice cream.

Even if this hasn’t happened yet, there is certainly a possibility of power outages during the winter, and while it is a depressing scenario, it is always best to be prepared.

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There is always a temptation to refreeze ice cream once it has melted.

After all, it seems a waste to allow it to turn into a sticky mess. Why not just pop it back into the freezer, and hey presto?! Let it go hard again.

What harm could it do? You might ask.

There are certainly reasons why, if you are a business, you could want to refreeze ice cream that has melted. Cost is one, and maybe also the time and effort that has been taken by the chef to create a perfect icy confection.

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