125ml Square Tamper Evident Container and Lid

125 ml Square Tamper Evident Pot and Lid are produced from high quality food grade polypropylene, and conform to the highest standards of food safety and hygiene regulations.


125ml Square Tamper Evident Pot and Lid – Box Quantity 980 Pallet Quantity 23520

Material: PP
Volume (nominal): 125 ml
Volume to rim: 144 ml
Volume to lid: 126 ml

Weight: 6.5 gr
Length: 79 mm
Width: 79 mm
Height: 34 mm
Diameter: mm


Blue bag for TP/TPS/Tray/Neutral box
# in primary packaging: 980 pieces

# primary in secondary packaging: 1 piece Weight gross: 7290,8 gr

Europallet, 150x1200x800
# in tertiary packaging: 24 boxes = 23.520 pieces Weight gross: 194.979,2 gr
Standard height: 2.160 mm

Uses / Certificates

Storage conditions:
Keep out of direct sunlight, keep dry, store in original closed packaging, at ambient temperature, relative humidity between 40 and 70%.

We recommend to use the products within 1 year after purchase. We can not be held responsible for use after this period.

Document retention:
3 years after purchase