You might think that storing ice cream is easy.

Turn the temperature of your freezer down low and job done, but that is not the case.

Ice cream needs to be kept at a certain temperature to maintain its consistency and flavour.

Also, different varieties require a more nuanced handling. For example, gelato, a softer kind of confection, needs to be kept at slightly higher temperatures.

Packaging is also important for ice cream; it must be able to withstand lower temperatures and not impact negatively on taste.

As you can see, if you want your ice cream to remain as delicious as it was when first made, temperature is all-important.

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Just why do we use colour coding labels on food containers? It is essential in a modern commercial kitchen that everything is extremely well run and organised so that it meets the strict hygiene standards demanded by both the law and the consumer. If it isn’t then there will be a very real risk of customers coming away from the establishment with food poisoning or a life-threatening allergic reaction and nobody needs that to happen.

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If you run your own catering company, concession truck or takeaway business, you’re probably always on the look out for high-quality wholesale food packaging containers at an affordable price. Luckily, at Venturepak we manufacture a whole host of food packaging solutions in various shapes and sizes, so we know what our customers look for in a wholesale food packaging supplier. Read more to find out about wholesale food packaging containers, or if you’d prefer, head to our contact page to send us an enquiry and we can get back to you at a convenient time.

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Ever wondered ‘how do they store food in a professional kitchen’? At Venturepak, we know that investing in the right storage solutions makes a massive difference to the bottom line of any business. Below, we explore the three types of food storage that help businesses to keep their valuable ingredients edible, looking delicious and tasting even better for as long as possible!

However, before we explore the three main types of food storage in a commercial kitchen, we first take a look at the various methods of food preservation. By both preserving food and storing it correctly, comestible businesses can dramatically cut down on their running costs and their amount of food waste – what’s not to like?

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Want to know why are foods packaged? Food packaging is integral to the modern food industry, not only does it enclose food to prevent it from contamination, protecting it from heat, light and other external factors, but it also contains vital information about the brand, nutrition, and expiry dates.


From meal prep containers, to ice cream containers, Venturepak can cater for all your food packaging needs. Plus, as we are industry leaders in our field, our experts are able to dissect an answer to the question ‘why are foods packaged?’ please read more to find out…

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Food waste in restaurants is a huge cost to the catering industry. Every year around £ 3bn worth of food is thrown away at restaurants, pubs, hotels, cafes, and fast food restaurants, losses that those working in the food industry at this time just cannot afford.

But it’s not only about the money. It’s also the cost to the environment and to the human race, which are important too. The good news is that anyone with a restaurant, café or hotel can do their bit. All it takes is a pinch of common sense and a soupcon of an organisation to get started.

Venturepak are industry leading experts in plastic packaging and containers for your produce. Whether it’s meal prep containers, ice cream containers, large plastic buckets, we supply all of the most recognised durable and secure plastic packaging, for a whole host of needs. Please contact us to find out more, or read on for more food waste in restaurant information…


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