Dry Food Storage Containers

dry food storage containers

Below, we explore what you should look for in the best dry food storage containers and how to choose the right dry food containers for your home or business. For additional guidance and inspiration, we even provide you with our top five dry food storage containers. Discover what to look out for when choosing the right containers for dry foodstuffs and how they can make your life instantly easier.

Ideal for keeping dry food invitingly fresh, organising your cupboards and protecting the tasty contents within, quality dry food containers are essential for both domestic households and commercial foodstuff businesses. However, what type of container is best for storing dry goods? As a packaging supplier with years of invaluable experience, we can help.

What to look for in dry food storage containers

Before we find out which container is best for storing dry foods, let’s first clarify what we mean by ‘dry goods’. Originally a historic term that referred mainly to items like tea, sugar and grain, ‘dry goods’ is now a way of referring to any foodstuff without liquid. This includes common comestibles such as flour, coffee and cereal. In order to maintain the quality of these dry foodstuffs and prevent the growth of foodborne bacteria, adequate storage containers are essential.

Pick plastic dry food containers

The material and construction of your food container is one of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing this type of product. This is because food containers can be made from a wide variety of materials including glass, metal (aluminium, foils, tin-free steel, etc), paper and plastics, but which material is best for dry food storage containers?

Well, the main issue with paper containers is that the barrier they create against air, light and microbes is nowhere near as effective as plastic. Consequently, the foodstuff within paper packaging has a shorter shelf life. While glass provides a much better barrier and is conveniently transparent, it is also expensive, heavy and becomes hazardous if broken – not ideal!

Similarly, metal food containers also have their downsides including the fact that the material is opaque, corrosive and can react with food and negatively alter the taste. Plastic food containers, on the other hand, are lightweight, transparent and provide a secure barrier against external pollutants.

Ultimately, when you take into consideration the choice of food storage container materials available, plastic stands out as the most obvious and beneficial option. At Venturepak, all our food containers are made from high-quality, food-safe polypropylene (PP).

This durable, strong and heat-resistant thermoplastic is not only incredibly robust and therefore ideal for both the transport and storage of comestibles, but it’s also FDA-approved for your peace of mind. Out of all the commercial plastics currently on the market, polypropylene is considered to be one of the safest.

Explore a selection of shapes and sizes

To accommodate a broad range of dry cooking ingredients and ready-made meals, it’s important to choose dry food containers in a variety of different sizes. Meal prepping, for example, pairs well with rectangular food containers, allowing the consumer to easily view and eat the contents.

Not to mention, square and rectangular dry storage containers are available in a wide range of sizes and also take up less space in your cupboard, fridge or freezer – ideal for food preparation businesses looking to utilise every inch of their storage space.

Choose containers with a tamper-evident seal

Essential for businesses in the food preparation and delivery industry, tamper-evident seals provide the end-user with confidence that the contents within haven’t been interfered with. If this barrier has been breached or is missing, the consumer can reasonably expect that tampering has occurred and confidently reject the product.

How to choose the right storage containers

Picking the right storage container will depend on several factors including how you plan on using your food storage containers and your storage requirements. For example, a food preparation business might require a large quantity of tamper-evident containers while a domestic household is likely to require only a few reusable containers in various sizes.

5 best dry food storage containers from Venturepak

At Venturepak, all of our storage containers come complete with tamper-evident lids and are specially manufactured using injection moulding and high-quality food-grade polypropylene. The process of injection moulding ensures a precise and consistent wall thickness, creating an incredibly strong and stable container.

This stability paired with the high melting point of polypropylene ensures our containers are also suitable for filling with hot foods. Not to mention, every container we manufacture conforms to only the highest standards of food safety and hygiene regulations for your peace of mind. Discover our top five food storage containers here!

Rectangular containers

Ideal for storing a wide variety of dry foodstuffs, Venturepak’s rectangular containers come in five different sizes (including a 200-millilitre, 270-millilitre, 300-millilitre, 425-millilitre and 1.2-litre container). With an impressive selection of different food container shapes and sizes to explore, we aim to meet the food storage and transportation requirements of an extensive range of commercial businesses.

Square containers

If you require more variation in the size of your food containers, then our range of square containers is a great option. In total, we offer a vast selection of 18 different square container sizes. From a compact 125-millilitres through to a significant 5-litres, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect square container at Venturepak to safely store your dry foodstuffs.

Meal prep containers

It’s no secret that time seems to fly by during the week which is why time-saving meal prepping has become such a popular mealtime choice. A great option for fitness-fanatics and busy professionals alike, our meal prep containers are available in two sizes – a 500-millilitre and 750-millilitre container.

For those looking to cut back on their calorie intake, the 500-milliltre container is ideal while the larger option encourages the consumer to increase their calorie consumption. A fantastic choice for companies providing professional meal prep services, please get in touch to discover more about our meal prep container order quantities, stock levels and prices.

Plastic bucket containers

Suitable for transporting and storing a wide range of dry comestibles, we stock 20 different sizes in our selection of bucket containers. At Venturepak, you’ll be able to choose between two container shapes (either square or circular) as well as the container colour – transparent or coloured.

For storing larger quantities of dry food (such as rice), we recommend our 18-litre and 20-litre plastic bucket containers. You can also shop smaller variations including our 800-millilitre and 870-millilitre containers from this extensive range with many more sizes also available to cater to all kinds of requirements.

Popcorn and candyfloss containers

The delicious funfair treats that no one can get enough of – our ever-popular clear popcorn/candyfloss bucket can accommodate up to 2.3-litres of either one of these tasty snacks. Complete with a convenient blue handle, this large container is an ideal purchase for food trucks and concession trailers. For more information regarding quantities and stock levels of this product, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

What to consider before you buy storage containers for dry goods

Before you snap up one of our top five dry food storage containers, you’ll need to consider your own food storage and transportation requirements. A business that specialises in food preparation will have completely different dry food storage container needs compared to a company that manages concession trailers, for example.

To cover a wide range of requirements, it’s important that you opt for a multi-purpose and versatile selection of food storage containers. The perfect food storage container is considered to be light, leak-resistant, strong, durable and easy to store. To prevent dry food in particular from becoming stale and inedible, an air-tight seal is one of the most important aspects to consider.

Dry food storage containers at Venturepak

At Venturepak, we go the extra mile to support our customers with our unmatched customer service and dedication to being a friendly and approachable company. Our experienced and knowledgeable team are always on hand to answer a variety of enquiries regarding our fantastic product ranges.

Providing expert advice and guidance for all of customers, our impeccable service makes us one of the best food packaging choices. Regardless of whether you require bulk packaging solutions for your growing comestible business or quality food containers decorated using in mould labelling (IML) techniques to make your brand stand out, we can help.

With a wide range of food container options to explore and plenty of stock conveniently held in our St Helens, Merseyside, facility for speedy delivery, finding the perfect packaging solution is no hard task at Venturepak. Ready to place your order or in need of more information about our dry food storage containers? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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